[ubuntu-uk] Best ISP?

Paul Tansom paul at aptanet.com
Wed Oct 24 14:44:51 BST 2007

** Rhys Morgan <rhysmorgan1986 at aol.com> [2007-10-23 22:46]:
> Virgin is definitely the one for cable and ive never had any trouble with 
> pipex for adsl. Is anyone using sky as i will be moving to sky in my new 
> house apparently between 8 and 16mb.
** end quote [Rhys Morgan]

I was after cable back in 1998 (iirc) when our local provider was Nynex.
They promised it in the next 6 months, and kept repeating that promise
until they were taken over by C&W. C&W repeated it until the business
was taken over by NTL who finally appeared to be honest and admitted
that they had no plans to provide cable in my area in the foreseeable
future.  This was back at the end of 2001. I then signed up with Nildram
and shortly after that went live on the (then) new ADSL wires only
trials I got a call from NTL offering me cable internet!

I've been wary of trying cable given that I've been told that the Nynex
cabling put in in our area is not of a good quality and NTL had no plans
to improve the situation. Virgin may change that, I've no idea.

As for ADSL, Nildram served me well until they were taken over by Pipex.
Their customer service started the downward trend at that point, although
I had few issues with the quality of the connection. Recently with
Tiscali coming onto the scene things have continued the downward spiral
and I am now battling to get them to stop charging me for a connection
that they told me had ceased back in March. [1]

I left Nildram for two reasons. Firstly I could get the same service
much cheaper, and secondly I could hardly become and Entanet reseller
and not use them for my own connection! (No I'm not touting for
business, I use them mainly to make my life easier when supporting
customers - I've spent far too long persuading the usual tech support
people that I have already tried the obvious and there is really no need
for me to do it again while I'm on the phone to them and/or call them
back again after trying it again!). I would second the post that quotes
Entanet (via a reseller) being a good bet.

[1] Unfortunately my new ADSL connection was coming up on my business
line so when my Nildram line died when I expected it to cease based on
the information given me by Nildram I didn't consider getting the home
line up and running again a priority. Nildram either didn't cease the
line or re-enabled it and therefore consider that I should pay them for
it. I have finally migrated the line away from them, but they are still
charging me. They have also told me that I shouldn't believe what they
tell me on the phone until I have it in writing - not much help when
they tell me on the phone that they will confirm in writing and don't!

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