[ubuntu-uk] Best ISP?

David Restall - System Administrator dave at restall.net
Wed Oct 24 08:26:04 BST 2007


> I figured this would be an interesting topic for people to discuss.
> We're all from the UK so it should work nicely. What is the best
> Internet Service Provider in your opinion and why? Please state
> whether it is ADSL or cable.

I use Eclipse <http://www.eclipse.net.uk/> for home and business.  Just
about to migrate to their ADSL + phone service so we'll see :-)  Service
has been very reliable though the customer support stinks - it was OK
until they were bought out by Kingston :-(  The technical support has
been good - though I haven't needed that for over two years.  I have a
fixed IP address on my home service and 6 useable (really 5 because 1 is
used by the SpeedTouch modem) fixed IP addresses with the business pack.
Costs £32 /month but will be going down in price when I upgrade to their
combined package.  I think the home connection is £20/month.  All the
fixed addresses resolve in reverse DNS.  Overall I'm very happy with the

Wouldn't touch NTBloodyHell with a barge pole.


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