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Andrew Barber andrew.alex.barber at gmail.com
Wed Oct 24 00:51:14 BST 2007

On 23/10/2007, John Levin <john at technolalia.org> wrote:
> Martin Peeks wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Jai Harrison wrote:
> >> Hey Guys,
> >>
> >> I figured this would be an interesting topic for people to discuss.
> >> We're all from the UK so it should work nicely. What is the best
> >> Internet Service Provider in your opinion and why? Please state
> >> whether it is ADSL or cable.
> >>
> >> Jai
> >>
> >
> > ADSL24 has been excellent for me - but I think nearly anyone would find
> > themselves happy with any Entanet reseller.
> >
> > Martin
> >
> >
> I use UKFSN (www.ukfsn.org) who are an entanet reseller. All that free
> software goodness (they're currently sponsoring an Ubuntu student
> coder), great support upstream from Entanet, and no complaints. The only
> problem I've had was due to BT, who made a bloody mess of things, but
> eventually (because every time they fixed one problem, made a mess of
> someone elses phone line)n got things working.
> John

I really liked my internet connection when I was with Blueyonder (now Virgin
Media). It just seemed nice and quick. The support was great too, one
experience was when they sent out a techie and he explained everything in
depth of what he was doing (he identified I was interested in computing).

I am now unfortunately in an area not supported by Cable, and I am on an
ADSL connection through Tiscali.
I personally hate the service and would change if I had any better options.
Their technical support is absolute crap.

Andrew Alexander Barber
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