[ubuntu-uk] Idea: UbuCon UK

John Levin john at technolalia.org
Wed Oct 24 00:09:47 BST 2007

As I'm envious of things like the Ontario Linux Fest
the UbuCon in Germany
and the Ohio Linux fest
I'd like to suggest that the Ubntu-UK Loco Team organise an Ubucon here
in the UK.

Just imagine, loads of free software, creative commons, 
alpha/beta/gamma-level geeks, showing off their wares, whether it's an 
operating system, hardware, a website, some-neat-app, a driver for those 
USB missiles, or even a human fruit machine. Live bug reporting! 
Sessions on hacking beer! BOFs on running BOFs about BOFs! The sky's the 
limit (unless we get Mark Shutleworth coming along, in which case we can 
  even go *into space!!!*)

Wouldn't you give up a weekend for such madness?


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