[ubuntu-uk] Neat app for downloading youtube videos

Paul Tansom paul at aptanet.com
Tue Oct 23 11:24:25 BST 2007

** Paul Tansom <paul at aptanet.com> [2007-10-23 09:20]:
> ** Alan Pope <alan at popey.com> [2007-10-23 06:40]:
> > Just discovered this relatively new application. 
> > 
> > http://www.gnomefiles.org/app.php?soft_id=2172
> > 
> > "PyTube is a GUI for the use of downloading YouTube videos and convert
> > them to varios selected format".
> > 
> > Nice simple interface and converts to more pleasant formats like
> > ogg/theora/vorbis.
> ** end quote [Alan Pope]
> Brilliant timing, I was just trying to download a clip from an old
> episode of the BBC Micro Live program :)
** end quote [Paul Tansom]

Ah well, this failed to install, by the looks of things due to my 5
unconfigured packages that I'm having problems with. I can install from
the standard sources though, so from looking at the dependencies of this
I've installed youtube-dl [1] and clive [2]. The first quite happily
downloads a Youtube file that I can then play with videolan, the second
should also do a conversion, but I've not managed to get it to do that,
or use my proxy yet. Both are CLI apps though, but I'm quite happy with
that :) Just thought others may be interested, but you probably all know
of those packages anyway - I've only really bothered with sound, and
hence multimedia stuff, on my Linux boxes recently. Too busy being
productive ;)

[1] http://www.arrakis.es/~rggi3/youtube-dl/
[2] http://home.gna.org/clive/
(*) both of course easily installable with aptitude or synaptic in
Ubuntu :)

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