[ubuntu-uk] Press Release Idea: "Free support on selected Tescos PCs from Ubuntu UK"

Darren Mansell darren at vcoc.co.uk
Mon Oct 22 21:26:05 BST 2007

Mark Harrison wrote:
> IMPORTANT NOTE ---- I am acting like a typical "PR Flack" in this. As 
> far as I'm aware, NONE of the quotes I've made up for Alan have actually 
> been said... Normal practice with PR stuff is for the PR flack to make 
> them up, then ask the person being quoted if that's OK :-)
> ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE ---- This is deliberately aimed at people who 
> DON'T know much about computers. You may wince at some of the things I 
> say... but now imagine that you didn't care about IT, and see whether it 
> sounds compelling :-)
> NOTE 3: I'm also deliberately making it a "future event", so it feels 
> like "new to be reported on", rather than "same old, same old."
> London, 21st October 2007
> The UK Ubuntu community is pleased to announce that, effective from 1st 
> November, it will be offering free technical support to users of 
> selected Tescos PC, at centres up and down the country.
> The PCs in question run Ubuntu, a free alternative to Microsoft Windows, 
> including both office software (word processor, spreadsheet and 
> presentation program) as well as tools for Internet surfing and home users.
> Alan Pope, the recently elected "Point of Contact" for the UK community 
> explains the benefits:
> "This is dramatically reducing the price that people are paying for PCs. 
> Ubuntu is a great alternative to Microsoft Windows for web users. We 
> understand that Tescos chose it, not just on price, but because they 
> found it to be less prone to virus attacks."
> Until now, the software has only been available from web-based retailers 
> such as Dell, or for download, but most people with Windows 
> pre-installed on a PC haven't seen the need to change.
> Mark Harrison, an IT Director based in Sussex, explains.
> "With a copy of Vista coming in at about £180 from PC World, you can see 
> why people want to stick with what they've already paid for rather than 
> change. However, with Tesco now selling a PC base unit at under £140, 
> it's an ideal solution for people who've already got a monitor, but need 
> a faster PC to cope with broadband. Support has been the problem though, 
> since most people are familiar with the Microsoft software."
> This is where the Ubuntu community comes in. Pope adds:
> "What we're doing is offering free support to everyone with Ubuntu... 
> whether they downloaded it for themselves, or bought it with a Dell or 
> Tesco PC. We've teamed up with the local Linux User Groups to provide 
> face-to-face support on Ubuntu up and down the UK, ideal for people who 
> don't like the idea of trying to get support over the Internet."
> Press Contact: Presumably Alan, presumably a special page on the Wiki 
> about where people can get help (just a link to the LUGs)????
Before I read any replies - awesome. Fantastic. Perfect.

I'm part of SBLUG so I'll put it across to them.

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