[ubuntu-uk] Difference between Admin and Root?

Mac Ammonius.Grammaticus at googlemail.com
Mon Oct 22 08:44:00 BST 2007

Paul Sladen wrote:
> You can tick and untick which users are allowed to run privileged commands,
> by adding or removing them from the special 'admin' group, in:
>   System->Administration->Users and Groups
> The first user on the system is automatically added to the 'admin' group, as
> otherwise it would be difficult to configure anything or setup more users!

Thanks for the info.  It's helped me to understand the difference 
between distros about logging on as root to do admin or using sudo (with 
it's essentially temporary authorisation).  I guess I'm right in 
thinking that to remove admin privileges from all the named users would 
mean that you had to log on as root to do any admin, with the inherent 
risk of leaving the system exposed should you forget to log out (or not 
care to).

I'll go and check this on the RootSudo page you referred me to.



[PS Mac from the Scots, not the Jobs  ;-)  ]

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