[ubuntu-uk] OEM Setup was Ubuntu via Tescos

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Sun Oct 21 12:05:13 BST 2007

On 20/10/2007, Rob Beard <rob at esdelle.co.uk> wrote:
> Ian Pascoe wrote:
> > Hey, I like this more and more!
> >
> > Just so that I've got it straight in my mind ....
> >
> > A.  Install Ubuntu on computer
> > B.  Set up computer with various apps and configs as required
> > C.  Issue appropriate command before shutdown
> > D.  Next boot up, new user goes through standard installation process
> >
> > Yeah?  I presume that any user that was set up for B gets deleted by the
> > command issued in C?
> >
> > E
> >
> I would have thought so, it uses an OEM user.  I haven't played with it
> much yet.  I was going to try it today on the new hard drive I bought
> except it turns out the drive is second hand and has an NTFS partition
> already on it!
> Rob
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(Oops I just created another thread, but I'll say it here too.... How come
nothing was mentioned on the website? I think it would be a good idea...
maybe on the Ubuntu UK homepage.

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