[ubuntu-uk] Gutsy, first reports!

Pete predwood at phonecoop.coop
Sat Oct 20 23:37:37 BST 2007

Upgraded from Feisty to Gutsy.   apt, Firefox and Evolution refuse to 
recognise network connection. Had the same problem with Etch and with Debian 
and never did solve it, depite picking everybody's brains.  Have used either 
Kubuntu or Xbuntu in the past because of this but Ubuntu Feisty worked 
perfectly straight out of the box. Now I upgrade I'm back to the old problem 
so have gone back to Feisty. Something to do with Gnome since KDE and Xfree 
give me no problem.
Something obviously changed with Feisty on the way it addressed the network 
and it seems to have reverted with Gusty. Any of the developers out there got 
any ideas.

Pete Redwood
predwood at phonecoop.coop

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