[ubuntu-uk] OEM Setup was Ubuntu via Tescos

Tom Bamford tom at entrepreneuria.co.uk
Sat Oct 20 18:25:57 BST 2007

I've used it in Feisty. When you're finished with the temporary user
account, you issue an oem-config-prepare command as root and shut the
machine down. The next boot takes you (ie. the end user) through a
config wizard to create a user, set the timezone etc.


On Sat, 2007-10-20 at 18:21 +0100, Matthew Wild wrote:
> On 10/20/07, Ian Pascoe <softy.lofty.ilp at btinternet.com> wrote:
>         Rob - how?
>         E
>           In fact the latest version of Ubuntu has a really good OEM
>         option so 
>         you can setup a machine, customise it how you like it
>         (including any
>         extra packages etc) and then set it up so on the next boot it
>         asks the
>         customer for their details.  This is a feature I really do
>         like the look of. 
>         Rob
> When I last used it, I selected it by mistake. It's on the boot menu
> that comes up when you boot from the CD. It used to be only on the
> alternate CD, but it seems Gutsy has a graphical version now, so
> perhaps it is on the desktop CD. Not sure. 
> When I used it (in Dapper) it was basically a normal installation, you
> set up the PC, up to the point of entering a username and password.
> This is prompted for on the next boot (ie. when the user switches it
> on for the first time). 
> Matthew. 

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