[ubuntu-uk] 7.10 and md5sums

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Sat Oct 20 17:49:30 BST 2007

alan c wrote:
> I downloaded via torrents most of the ubuntu family  as soon as they 
> were available. I am now checking md5 sum information on various of 
> the downloads, and the numbers are not coming good. I tried burning 
> regardless on xubuntu alternate i386, and chose 'check cd for defects' 
> and nothing happened.
> I have to go now to do an install - which I will make a 7.04 install 
> (!) and I can do more checks later. Has anyone else had questions 
> about md5 sums etc recently?

I've also downloaded the majority of the Ubuntu versions via Bittorrent, 
just checked the MD5SUMs for all the Ubuntu ISOs, all are fine.

Did you check the MD5SUMs using the command:

md5sum -c MD5SUM

and are they the correct MD5SUM files?

Someone on my local LUG slipped up that way, he'd downloaded the MD5SUMs 
file for Ubuntu 7.04 and was manually checking and comparing each file 
by hand (and using the command md5sum <filename.iso> rather than md5sum 
-b <filename.iso>

I'll check the rest of my *Ubuntu downloads and report back if I get any 
errors or not.


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