[ubuntu-uk] NVIDIA driver problem

Ian Pascoe softy.lofty.ilp at btinternet.com
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Personally, as it seems to be more a config problem than a driver one, I'd
put it onto LaunchPad in any case.  If for no other reason than to show the
hack you did to get round it.

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Hi folks,

In every version of Ubuntu that I've used, I've come across a slightly
irritating problem with the restricted nvidia drivers.

When I update using the restricted manager the nvidia driver that it
installs defaults to the external monitor rather than the laptop's
main screen. This means that the first boot up after installing shows
a blank screen until I CTRL ALT F2 and change the xorg.conf file

Whilst it's not too much bother for myself, I imagine it'd be a show
stopper for a new user.

So - Where should I report this do you reckon? I'd imagine launchpad,
but as the nvidia drivers are binary thus uneditable by the community,
should it be nvidia I'm reporting it to instead?

What do reckon folks?



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