[ubuntu-uk] PC Freezing on updates with Gutsy

Colin Wylie badger at badgerdotcom.co.uk
Fri Oct 19 16:24:49 BST 2007


I'm fairly new to Linux in general, and tried out a few distros - 
settling on Ubuntu - which seems to me anyway - the most user friendly 
and visually appealing one I have come across thus far. Any ways - I was 
using Feisty off and on for a couple of months, and waited with baited 
breath for Gutsy to be released. I did a fresh install yesterday and 
encountered some problems initially. While copying the installer files 
to the PC - the installer froze up at about 82% on the configuring apt 
section. Aftr a few attempts (and a reboot of my router) it installed 
perfectly ( or so I thought).

Once installed, I proceeded to install the Nvidia driver from the 
restricted list, and rebooted - and lo and behold my system came up at 
1280x1024 resolution - something Feisty always refused to do for me. 
Beginning to get excited - I went ahead and popped into the Add /Remove 
applications area to see what googies I could add - but on opening this 
aaplication - the system froze completely. After about 15 seconds I 
could start to move my mouse again, but nothing else would work. I 
rebooted and tried the same thing - and the same thing happened. NExt I 
rebooted and tried out the synaptic package manager - which resulted in 
the same freezing. Also the new firefox addons manager resulted in the 
system freezing and locking up again. Finally (after a few google 
searches) I found a list of repositories, and tried via apt-get - whcih 
worked.  But as I don't know the names of all packages and dependencies 
I want - this aint too good :(

So - has anyone else encountered this - or does it sound like I may have 
a hardware fault? It's driving me nuts. I really want to ditch Windows 
for good, but only if it's gonna work!



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