[ubuntu-uk] Disappointed

Skeg Fast skegfast at monkeypc.com
Fri Oct 19 03:31:10 BST 2007

To Whom It May Concern,

I find the latest release of your new operating system most unimpressive.

Today I 'upgraded' to your newest Gutsy Gibbon and was perturbed to see 
that my desktop wallpaper did not change. Furthermore, all my windows 
started to wobble. Is this a problem with my graphics driver? I'm also 
very disappointed with your peach-coloured theme. Personally, I 
preferred the brown. Why oh why did you change it?

I almost missed the upgrade notification because there was no balloon 
that constantly popped up to inform me that new updates were available. 
Luckily I pride myself on keeping my anti-virus etc. updated so I 
noticed the update icon straight away. Others might not be so lucky and 
might be stuck with a seven year old version of your Gibbon. Not keeping 
your customers informed of the latest events is hardly the right way to 
run a business! You might have at least mentioned something about the 
new version on the internets so that savvy users like myself would know 
when to expect a release.

My computer didn't ask to reboot until the update was finished. Is this 
a bug? Would it work properly if I visited the Gibbon website and 
downloaded updates from there? (If so, what's the address and which 
version of the internets do I need to explore it?) Is it possible that I 
have a virus or some kind of spyware that has interfered with the 
upgrade process? All my applications still work even after the update so 
perhaps I've been "fished" and nothing has changed at all.

As a disappointed customer I wish to apply for a refund of the purchase 
price. Please forward this email to your accounts department (and six of 
your friends).


Kernel Disappointed (Retired) of Small-to-middling, Countyshire.

PS. I've been using a new install of Kubuntu Gutsy on my main box since 
Tribe 4-ish with few problems, installed Gutsy RC on two PCs of grateful 
new converts in the past week and the upgrade to Gutsy on my knackered 
old home server/second PC was flawless today (which always surprises me 
cos there's a lot of non-repo, un-upgraded crap on there from Dapper 
days :p)

So, somebody (Popey?) please pass on my thanks to all that you can :D

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