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Thu Oct 18 14:49:24 BST 2007

If it's trackerd or beagle-daemon, then you have two choices: kill /
uninstall it, or be patient. Basically, it's doing a periodic check
through your filesystem for new files. It'll keep on going until it
parses through all of your files.

Judging by the characteristics you described, I suspect that it's
probably trackerd, as I think periodically parses files in chunks, and
then stops after a hundred or so.

Both Tracker and Beagle are search utilities, by the way - they create
indexes of your hard drive such that you can find files very quickly.

Hope that helps a bit, and if it's not trackerd/beagle-daemon then
feel free to paste the name of the executable from top, and we'll try
and help :-)


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