[ubuntu-uk] Downloading Ubuntu 7.10 CD image

Daniel Lamb daniel.lamb at dlcomputing.co.uk
Thu Oct 18 14:05:45 BST 2007

Yeah I got it fine from the virgin mirror, I saw the email as it came in so
managed to download it quickly.


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Anybody having any luck downloading a Ubuntu 7.10 CD image?

I've tried downloading the CD image [1] from various mirrors (UK and 
elsewhere in Europe) in the past half-hour or so, and where I have been 
(semi-)successful the download has stopped part-way through, but in most 
instances the mirror site has reported that the file isn't even there
yet. I think I'll wait until later on before trying again, although by
then the Americans will be awake.. ;-(

[1] I don't ever really use the Ubuntu CD, I just download it as a good
luck talisman, to have something to boot/reinstall from in case the 
in-place upgrade fails [2], and to have the Live CD 'demo' experience
before upgrading for real.

[2] And I don't actually upgrade until a few days have passed and 
others [3] have flagged up any major issues :)

[3] If I had a spare computer I _would_ install there as a test, but I
don't so I don't: I can't risk trashing my only computer! :-(

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