[ubuntu-uk] /home partition

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Wed Oct 17 23:21:44 BST 2007

Farran Lee wrote:
> hi all
> reading through the posts and suddenly realised, I could do with a 
> separate /home partition!I have been meaning to look into it for ages, 
> but keep forgetting.
> I have an 18.63 GiB hd. 17.84 GiB is / and 807.93 MiB is swap. Is it 
> possible/safe/advisable to attempt creating a /home partition, and if I 
> did, would the file location of /home automatically mount? And would it 
> mess up any paths in scripts/programs etc?
> Sorry if that didn't make any sense... hopefully someone'll understand it!
> Cheers
> Farran

Someone else might be able to better advise on this but I'd go down the 
option of backing up the data, running GParted (which you can get a live 
CD of, or IIRC run it from the Ubuntu Live CD), resize the partition, 
create a new partition as ext3 and then update the fstab accordingly to 
mount the partition as /home on bootup.

Or... if you're looking to upgrade to Ubuntu 7.10 tomorrow then just 
backup your home directory, reinstall and during the reinstall 
repartition the drive so you have a separate partition for /home.

I must admit, I always used to have everything on one partition but now 
I have a separate partition for /home it makes life so much easier to 
upgrade.  In fact I'm surprised that there isn't maybe an option in the 
installer (but then I guess that could throw up all sorts of confusions 
on how big should / be and how big should /home be? - in my case I have 
about 40GB for / and the rest of my drive for /home)


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