[ubuntu-uk] Advice for the future

Matthew Daubney daubers at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 16:49:43 BST 2007

Chris Rowson wrote:
> It'd be interesting for people to put their money where their mouth's
> are, and tell us what they do for a living and what their level of
> qualification is. It's the only real way to see if having a degree
> makes a difference or not.
> Anyone who is currently on a degree course is of course going to say
> that it's the best way forward, as alternately anyone who hasn't got
> one is going to say it doesn't matter...
> I'll start the ball rolling...
> Chris - No Degree - Second line support engineer (although I've
> recently started working a in job which involves project coordination,
> service reviews etc etc)
Matt - Currently Studying for a Masters in Physics at Swansea Uni.

As an aside to something someone said somewhere else in this thread! I 
was advised to change course after my foundation year from the course 
with the foundation year in the title, to the course without the 
foundation year in the title as it looks better on a CV! Though I opted 
onto the Masters instead.........

-Matt Daubney

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