[ubuntu-uk] Advice for the future

Daniel Lamb daniel.lamb at dlcomputing.co.uk
Wed Oct 17 15:31:28 BST 2007

Daniel - No Degree - IT services basically everything from home user
machines to corporate environments(this is what we focus on) with up to 50
users, worked for myself for a year just taken my company under another
companies umbrella.

Generally I find when people first of all ask me how old I am and I reply
21(or 18 when I started) they are shocked that I left school so early for
uni, then I inform them I have never been to uni, I have never had a bad
reaction to that, always get a "Good for you" or "Impressive" etc, and some
of these people are very well thought of in the business community obviously
I know I have been very lucky with where I have done my work etc and the
people I have met.

I do agree with Lucy as she said, I do miss sometimes not having the same
background as some uni students have as well as having the same structure.


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Chris Rowson wrote:
> It'd be interesting for people to put their money where their mouth's
> are, and tell us what they do for a living and what their level of
> qualification is. It's the only real way to see if having a degree
> makes a difference or not.
> Anyone who is currently on a degree course is of course going to say
> that it's the best way forward, as alternately anyone who hasn't got
> one is going to say it doesn't matter...
> I'll start the ball rolling...
> Chris - No Degree - Second line support engineer (although I've
> recently started working a in job which involves project coordination,
> service reviews etc etc)

Steve - No Degree - Systems & Development Manager. I'm 24, and got my
current job responding to an 'advert' on the West Yorkshire LUG mailing

Steve Garton

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