[ubuntu-uk] Advice for the future

Matthew Larsen mat.larsen at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 12:21:19 BST 2007

> > Yes. There absolutely is. It is well worth spending those few years to
> > get the A levels to go to a good university.
> Is it _really_ ?
> I never went to uni, at all, neither red brick or otherwise. I don't
> seem to be doing to badly as a result. I'm sure there are skills and
> assets I'm missing by not having been to uni, but it's not held me back
> (that I'm aware of).

And I quote:

> Sorry. 90% of
> employers will take the guy with the degree any day (for young people)
> over someone who doesnt.

Replace 'young people' with 'new grads'. The point is it is extremely
competitive if you're starting out, if you have 5 / 10+ years of
experience behind you then most of what I have said goes down the
toilet. But that isn't what we are talking about.

What I typed is harsh, but it is true. Work in any of those 'FTSE100
Blue-chip company's' recruitment departments and they will say the
same I have.

Matthew G Larsen
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