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Matthew Larsen mat.larsen at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 09:30:04 BST 2007

> Out of your experience is there a big
> difference between a BSc from a top University (like York) and that of
> a lower ranking Computer Science course at somewhere like Essex or
> East Anglia? I'm prepared to take a year or two out as required to get
> a few A levels on top of my BTEC is required to achieve my goal.

Yes. There absolutely is. It is well worth spending those few years to
get the A levels to go to a good university. As others have mentioned
you can take a foundation year at university, your BTECH should qualiy
you for joining at this level. You do need to speak to the admission
tutors and find out.

I am currently on a placement year and have met other CS students at
other universities. The level some of these students are at really
appalls me. Some have never touched UNIX or C. IMO how the heck can
you study CS without touching either? These people will never be taken
seriously, i'd say 90% of them are doing 'bid' work (photocopying,
printing CD labels etc)

I would go for a minimum a Red Brick university. Somewhere like
Manchester, UCL, Southampton are the 3 you should aim for. Anywhere
else and you might not learn the skills you need. Remember: Where you
get your degree is equally as important as what you studied. There
really is a difference between good degrees and bad degrees and
employers/people do know this. Example: Would you rather take someone
with a degree in mathematics from Cambridge University or from Essex
Polytechnic? (no offense to anyone from Essex Polytechnic)

Matthew G Larsen
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