[ubuntu-uk] Networking with an Dell Optiplex GX620

Daniel Lamb daniel.lamb at dlcomputing.co.uk
Tue Oct 16 22:41:47 BST 2007

With 6.06 there are problems with the dell servers detecting the cards and I
believe it will be the same with the optiplexes, I would suggest using a
newer version than 6.06, I know it isn't as well supported but an newer
version will at least work out the bux.


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james at btguk.org wrote:
> Rob,
> Um, how do I know if it has detected the network card?
> I also have 7.04, just finished downloading it, should I use that instead?
> James

Hi James,

One of the ways you can see if it is detected is to open the Terminal 
(this can be found under the Applications menu -> Accessories -> 
Terminal) and then entering the command:


You should *hopefully* see a list of adaptors come up.  On my home 
machine running Ubuntu 7.04 I get eth0 which is the network card and lo 
which is the 'loopback' adaptor (kind of a virtual internal network card).

As Kris mentions, you may be worth hanging on until Thursday and 
downloading/trying Ubuntu 7.10.  I'm not back in my office until 
Thursday so if I can download the Ubuntu 7.10 ISO I will give it a try 
on my work machine (which is an Optiplex GX620).


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