[ubuntu-uk] Networking with an Dell Optiplex GX620

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Tue Oct 16 20:42:58 BST 2007

james at btguk.org wrote:
> I have just about to install 6.06 on my Dell optiplex GX620, but when I
> installed it on one the other day it could not configure the internet
> connection.
> Any advise or suggestions?
> James.

Is the card detected?  AFAIK the Optiplex GX620 have Broadcom adaptors 
although I would have thought it would be supported (I'm fairly certain 
that it is supported on Ubuntu 6.10 and higher).

Could you try setting a static IP address?  (this is always easier if 
you know what sort of IP addresses are on your network and what the 
gateway address of the router and DNS address(es) are).

Other than that, if it's a standard Mini Tower or Desktop machine 
(rather than the small form factor size), have you got a spare network 
card you could try?


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