[ubuntu-uk] Which do you use?

John Paul Wallington jpw at pobox.com
Mon Oct 15 23:43:03 BST 2007

Paul Tansom <paul at aptanet.com> writes:

> option required was 'delete'. Now I know that means 'delete this
> reference in the list of files to burn', but it was still unnerving. It
> put me in mind of the Mac concept of dragging your floppy disk icon
> across to the shredder to eject - I'm sorry, that still says format to
> me, or delete all contents!

The Mac wasn't quite that bad: you were dragging to a Wastebasket
rather than a Shredder to eject.  Still pretty nonsensical, I suppose.
Metaphorically one would more likely retrieve one's data by rummaging
through the garbage for it intact rather than stitching together a
gazillion chads.  I seem to recall that the OS/2 Workplace Shell had a
Shredder desktop object.

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