[ubuntu-uk] Ktorrent-reinstall fiesty-carry on torrents???

Steve Flynn anothermindbomb at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 21:18:12 BST 2007

On 15/10/2007, STONE COLD <javad_ayaz at hotmail.com> wrote:
> thats the problem...they didnt...its a fresh install...both fiesty and
> ktorrent!
Providing you installed your torrent client and configured it to save the
downloaded file to the place where your currently downloaded file resides,
any torrent client will check the existing data, rebuild it's piece map and
start requesting pieces of the file you don't already have. If the client
doesn't do this, then it's broken.

You do still have the partially downloaded file doesn't you, in addition to
the .torrent file you were originally using?

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