[ubuntu-uk] about a meeting in banbury, got gutsy launch,

Jim Kissel jlk at osml.eu
Sun Oct 14 13:11:39 BST 2007

Alan Pope wrote:
> On Sat, 2007-10-13 at 20:26 +0100, philip taylor wrote:
>> hi
>> i was discuusing in the irc ubuntu-uk about having a more local ubuntu
>> launch meeting, and suggest anybody who lives in banbury, oxfordshire,
>> or anywhere near, to contact us  and or me, abour this, as many people
>> are enthusiastic about this, thanks for your interest. 
> This is a great idea. If anyone is in Philips area, even just getting a
> couple of people together in a pub for a "meet and greet" would be good.
> Same goes for any other area!

I guess you and I are going to have to get together for that beer we 
were going to have a year or so ago. ;-)

Anyone else in the Camberley/Farnborough area what to meet up for a jar?

> Cheers,
> Al.

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that the citizens of Soviet Russia elected the General Secretary
of the Communist Party during the cold war.

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