[ubuntu-uk] idea for screencast

Joshua Scotton josh at JoshuaScotton.com
Sun Oct 14 00:53:11 BST 2007

You want to use CryptKeeper in the screencast. It's a gnome applet and
uses encfs and fuse. It's dead simple to install and use on a basic
ubuntu setup.

Basically you create a folder which can dynamically grow and encrypt it
with a password.

Once you've mounted the folder with the gnome applet, you use it like a
normal folder. I've been using it on my hd and usb drives for a couple
of months now without any problems at all.

It's not in the repos atm but you can download a deb file for it from


On Wed, 2007-10-10 at 16:09 +0100, Skippy wrote:
> > If it could touch on making encrypted loop back files too 
> > (say a file on a hard drive or USB pen drive) that
> > would be good.  I'm sure it would certainly be interesting 
> > for those users who have sensitive documents on?
> > their computers (who may be moving over from the likes of 
> > Windows XP Home which doesn't support encryption as
> > far as I'm aware).
> You can get halfway there with TrueCrypt, but it has to be sorted before
> anything that depends on the files is loaded.
>  - http://portableapps.com/node/239 for a view
> However TC requires run as an Administrator on the computer you are on, as
> it loads its self as device drivers. 
> Also saw this http://www.richskills.com/products/7/freeversion.asp, not sure
> what it is...
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