[ubuntu-uk] Submitting articles to newspapers/local mags

Chris Rowson christopherrowson at gmail.com
Sat Oct 13 21:45:47 BST 2007

Hi folks,

This is just a quick post to the list, asking you to consider writing
to your local newspaper or magazine to promote Ubuntu.

The article has already been written for you. You can edit it, change
it or leave it as it is, but the general idea is that it should take
the effort out of having to write your own unless you really want to.

You can find the article here:


There's a small table at the bottom of the article to track
submissions. Please, fill it out when you submit the article so that
we can track its spread, and how useful it is.



PS. I've sent this message to both the ubuntu-uk loco, and the
marketing mailing list. If you want to forward it on to other
interested parties please do :-)

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