[ubuntu-uk] RM ?169 linux-ok notebook

Ian Pascoe softy.lofty.ilp at btinternet.com
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Ah yes I remember them well.

3D O and X - great fun!

A couple of the guys even managed to get a fairly decent gorse race
simulation running on a 480Z - we had a white and a black one at school with
cassette storage - the bees knees!

First introduction to basic and Z80 assembly language too.

Mind you innocence is so nice - in the early 80s the question would have
been what's Unix?

Oh, and we were all self taught as the school didn't start formal computer
lessons until the early 90s - 7 years after I left!


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> Wow, that is real nostalga, they had one of those RML 380-Z machines
> at
> my school but it was considered an antique when I was there back in
> the
> early 90's.  First taste of RM I had was the RM Nimbus PCs.


*Runs screaming as fast as possible in opposite direction.

There's a name for cowboys like RM. Its not a good one.

Their kit and software tends to be:
a) buggy
b) overpriced
c) buggy
d) proprietory lock-in (Yes, worse than just MS Windoze)
e) slow
f) buggy

I used to go to a school, who got all computers & services from RM. We had
at least one major system failure a year. (As in, all computers down.) The
Sasser worm was great fun. Running round every PC with a floppydisk,
containing the norton free fix... all 250 of them. One. At. A. Stupidly.
Slow. Time.

At the time, I was trying to do my ICT A levels... great fun having a popup
on the screen telling you your systems shutting down, in the middle of a

Oh yes, and never *ever* shutdown the servers. Never. They don't like it.
Oh, and reboot at least once every two weeks. (As I left, there were 5
servers, up from 2 when I started to get involved in the ICT department...)

Ahh.. the fun days before I ever knew about Ubuntu...

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