[ubuntu-uk] [ADMIN] Next meeting 13/10/07 @ 20:30 BST in #ubuntu-uk

Chris Oattes mailinglist at cjo20.net
Wed Oct 10 20:26:13 BST 2007

> I saw this today on Planet Debian: http://layer-acht.org/blog/debian/#1-129
> The wiki page is at: http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot
> Not sure if the team uses bots already but thought I'd at least
> suggest looking into it.
> Regards
> Philip

MeetBot is a brilliant idea (but I would say that - I wrote the first 
versions of it :P)

MeetBot is a copy of the code of Mootbot, which I wrote at the beginning 
of the year for Ubuntu-UK meetings, when I realised that compiling the 
minutes of the meeting was a real pain.

Mootbot is currently in the ubuntu-uk channel, and is (afaik) used for 
meetings already.

Chris Oattes. (irc.freenode.net - Seeker`)

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