[ubuntu-uk] package removal.

norman norman at littletank.org
Wed Oct 10 11:24:02 BST 2007

< snip >
> You didn't say, but I'm assuming that you're installing the plugin
> through synaptic too.

No, I downloaded the file ans installed it the usual way by double
clicking the icon produced.
> I would guess that the plugin you're trying to install is targetted at
> the old version of Gimp. So it's a problem with the dependencies of
> that plugin package.

You are absolutely correct. I looked carefully at the website with the
plugin and it is targeted to the old version of Gimp. To be pedantic,
the so called old version of gimp is not so old and the new version is
beta, I think.
> The easiest thing to do is raise a bug against the plugin package,
> asking for it to support the new Gimp version. Other than that, you'd
> have to download the package source and hack the dependencies -- I've
> never tried this, so I don't know how easy/hard it is.

I hope that by the time Gimp 2.4 is released the plugins, where
necessary, will also be updated.

However, I am still puzzled. How can a package which I have removed
reappear all by itself?


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