[ubuntu-uk] Gutsy or Feisty for install party?

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Wed Oct 10 11:00:29 BST 2007

Philip Newborough wrote:
> Hello list
> I'm off to an install party tomorrow night and I've arranged with the
> organiser to take along some Ubuntu disks. Basically, what are your
> opinions on which version to take along?
> I've got a feeling I'll probably end up taking a mix, however it'd be
> nice to hear what your opinions are.
> BTW - I'm still running Feisty and have yet to try Gutsy, I really
> should pull my finger out and try the Beta but my systems are running
> very smoothly at the mo and I have quite a bit of work on.
> More info about the meeting can be read at:
> http://crunchbang.org/archives/2007/10/09/lincs-lug-meeting-and-install-party/
> Regards
> Philip

Are the participants going to be new users?

I'd say take along both and try both versions and see how they run.  I'm 
in a similar situation, I'm installing Ubuntu on a work colleague's home 
PC, I'm not sure if I should install 7.04 or ask them to hang on a 
fortnight and install 7.10 (although saying that, I have a feeling their 
hard drive is on the way out, at least something in their PC is making a 
knocking noise) so that might decide it for them.


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