[ubuntu-uk] RM £169 linux-ok notebook

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Wed Oct 10 10:24:48 BST 2007

Kirrus wrote:
> d) proprietory lock-in (Yes, worse than just MS Windoze)

Oh yes, I remember when I was at school, educational software was 
written specifically for the RM Nimbus, it would run on an RM Machine 
but not on any other PC forcing the schools who bought the software to 
invest solely in RM machines.  The school I was at started to get rid of 
the RM machines and started to get generic white box desktops running 
Windows 3.1 by the time I left.

> I used to go to a school, who got all computers & services from RM. We had at least one major system failure a year. (As in, all computers down.) The Sasser worm was great fun. Running round every PC with a floppydisk, containing the norton free fix... all 250 of them. One. At. A. Stupidly. Slow. Time.
> At the time, I was trying to do my ICT A levels... great fun having a popup on the screen telling you your systems shutting down, in the middle of a lesson...
> Oh yes, and never *ever* shutdown the servers. Never. They don't like it. Oh, and reboot at least once every two weeks. (As I left, there were 5 servers, up from 2 when I started to get involved in the ICT department...)
> Ahh.. the fun days before I ever knew about Ubuntu...

Were they NT servers?  When I was at school they started with a RM 
Nimbus VX/2 (or something like that) which was a 286 Machine with 4MB 
ram, something like a massive 60MB hard drive all running OS/2.  By the 
time I left they had upgraded to a couple of servers, with one being a 
meaty 486-DX/2 66 with 16MB Ram and about 200MB of storage.

For those fortunate to not know what we're talking about, have a look here:



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