[ubuntu-uk] Who's got/ordered Dell Ubuntu Laptops?

Matthew Daubney daubers at gmail.com
Mon Oct 8 12:20:57 BST 2007

Daniel Lamb wrote:
> Why buy the Dell laptop then?(and not another cheaper or maybe more
> expensive but better model)
> Surely the point in buying a Dell Ubuntu laptop is that there is support
> with it to help setup the pc, isn't this is more an end user thing?
> Or am I being stupid?
> Regards,
> Daniel
There where 3 main reasons I bought it.
1. I wanted to support a big manufacturer putting linux onto 
desktop/laptop machines, as unless people support it, it won't take off.
2. It was fantastic to have a machine turn up at the door that worked 
with what I wanted out of the box. No more opening the box then 
reformatting/sorting out hardware problems etc
3. I didn't buy it. Being a penniless student my old man purchased it 
for me. He trusts Dell with his card details rather than some other name 
he might not have heard of.

Mainly though I got it for points 1 and 2, though having it as I wanted 
it more or less out of the box was a really big boon for me as I enjoy 
being lazy :-)

-Matt Daubney

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