[ubuntu-uk] Who's got/ordered Dell Ubuntu Laptops?

Daniel Lamb daniel.lamb at dlcomputing.co.uk
Mon Oct 8 11:35:34 BST 2007

I really like dell kit, not a fan of inspirons though would rather have
latitudes though, personally I would rather dell offered it on a lot more
machines rather than just them and 1 desktop. 

As for my professional relationship with Dell, they are the main pc
manufacturer we put into clients and if we could get optiplexes and
latitudes with Ubuntu on them I would seriously consider using them for
this, and they have been told this also.


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On Mon, 2007-10-08 at 10:58 +0100, Daniel Lamb wrote:
> Why buy the Dell laptop then?(and not another cheaper or maybe more
> expensive but better model)

Some people like Dell kit :)

> Surely the point in buying a Dell Ubuntu laptop is that there is support
> with it to help setup the pc, isn't this is more an end user thing?

There's also the fact that you're showing Dell support. Proving that
there are people out there who will buy a PC with non-Windows. 


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