[ubuntu-uk] Liteon DVD rom problem

Darren Mansell darren at vcoc.co.uk
Sun Oct 7 16:57:02 BST 2007

> the reason why i wouldnt say its faulty is because i have previously 
> burnt a cd using it....yes as a matter of fact it is connected to same 
> ide cables as the case fans......
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
You mean its connected to the same power cable as the case fans? What 
about the actual data cable? Its always worth disconnecting anything 
else on the same power cable / IDE cable, you never know what rubbish is 
going over the wires :-)

Although I wouldn't say that being able to previously burn a CD is any 
indication that its not faulty. Faults can develop and theres just as 
much chance of it being faulty in a way to cause it to not be able to 
burn DVDs only as there is of a drive being DOA. Have you flashed the 
firmware or was it 2nd hand where someone else could have flashed it?

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