[ubuntu-uk] Fsck forced on boot up due to date problems afterupdate

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I wish I knew what I know now at 57, which is precious little, when I was

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> > Inside is a tiny battery that powers the BIOS memory (or something). My
> > laptop is awfully old, and the battery has finally gone flat. This means
> > that every time my laptop is disconnected from the mains, it forgets all
> > the settings I have made in the BIOS. It complains at me a lot,
> Sounds like it's worth looking at :-) I'm guessing that if Rob keeps
> his laptop plugged into the mains and restarts it then it shouldn't
> fsck if that's the problem then?
> > Hope this helped... as I said, I'm only 14, so I could be talking a load
> > of rubbish... :P
> Meh, doesn't matter how old you are mate ;-)
> Chris
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