[ubuntu-uk] Fsck forced on boot up due to date problems after update

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Fri Oct 5 21:34:07 BST 2007

Hi folks,

I've been trying to install Ubuntu 7.04 on my dad's Thinkpad R50e 
notebook this evening with not much luck.

Basically my dad's had his laptop for a year and the hard drive 
developed bad sectors just after the warranty ran out.  To complicate 
things further, the installation files were on the hard disk itself 
(good old Microsoft!).  Now I have got a set of install disks for the 
laptop (my other half has exactly the same laptop) but I can't find 
them, so to get my dad up and running again I decided to install Ubuntu 
(okay, I'm hoping he moves over to Ubuntu).

Now this is where the problem starts.  I've installed Ubuntu 7.04 from a 
Desktop CD, it all appears to install okay, I've partitioned the drive 
as follows:

/	20GB Ext3
/home	99GB Ext3
swap	1GB Swap

I rebooted the machine after the install, so far so good.  Everything 
booted up fine.  I then went to install the updates (about 126 updates), 
again these installed fine.

I then rebooted again, and during the reboot the machine complained 
about not having a disk check for about 49,710 days.  It ran through the 
disk check and rebooted, it then on the second reboot said exactly the 
same thing.

I checked the date and time, all were fine, I then reinstalled again.

On the second reinstall it did exactly the same as before, reporting 
that the disk hadn't been checked for over 49,000 days, after the forced 
fsck it rebooted and then appeared to boot okay.

I'm going to try Ubuntu 7.10 Beta, my dad goes away this weekend for a 
week and I needed to get his machine working.  When he's back hopefully 
I'll be able to put the full release of 7.10 on the laptop (along with 
Windows if he really really wants it).

Just wondered though if anyone else had seen this problem?



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