[ubuntu-uk] UK Project Proposal

Alan Pope alan at popey.com
Thu Oct 4 21:37:05 BST 2007

Hi Chris,

On Thu, 2007-10-04 at 21:17 +0100, Chris Rowson wrote:
> > I'll take this as a positive acceptance of the idea - thanks for all the
> > offers of support up to and including the tea pot Matthew!
> Cool :-D This sounds like a very admirable project. Has anyone got any
> ideas about how this could be funded? How does the loco usually get
> cash for exhibiting etc?

Now there's a can of worms.

So far Ubuntu-UK as a group hasn't had to fund anything. Individuals
have paid for things in the past, but we as a group have not yet had to
"handle" money. 

Other LoCos (notably France and Germany) have sought donations and have
used that money to fund their activities - running stands at shows,
making t-shirts, leaflets and CDs. They have done this very successfully
it would seem, and are keen to get other LoCos doing similar things, or
joining them with what they do.

This is currently under heavy discussion on the LoCo mailing list, and
will likely be discussed further at various levels within Ubuntu

Pnce we know what the costs involved are we can figure out what to do.
Getting my crystal ball out, I have a hunch that some people will donate
time, laptops, lifts, funds and yes, even coffee and biscuits to get
something like this going, so I'd say for now we don't necessarily need
to worry too much about how "we" (as in the LoCo team) fund it.

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