[ubuntu-uk] Windows Home Server

Alan Pope alan at popey.com
Thu Oct 4 20:13:20 BST 2007

Hi Daniel,

On Thu, 2007-10-04 at 19:50 +0100, Daniel Lamb wrote:
> I work in IT in predominately windows environments and I don't know anyone
> who would not be delighted to use linux servers at home.

Do you work on the Planet Tux perchance? :)

Back here on planet Earth I find it surprising how many people know
about Linux, and even more surprising how many people know about and
even use Ubuntu. However in all the customers I have been to over the
last say 2 years I still encounter plenty of Microsofties in the IT
industry. I guess everyone has different experience, but to suggest that
everyone who works in IT would be happy with a Linux box at home is
possibly pushing it a bit :)

The home server is indeed a nice idea. I know of plenty of people who
have issues that could be made easier with one of them. People don't
backup, don't have remote access to their machines, don't store files
centrally. This kind of thing would be perfect for them. 

Of course those of us who work in IT can roll our own systems and put
them in to peoples homes and offices, but there's nothing quite like a
"boxed" solution to these things is there?

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