[ubuntu-uk] UK Project Proposal

Ian Pascoe softy.lofty.ilp at btinternet.com
Thu Oct 4 18:14:45 BST 2007

Hi y'all

Before I ask for Popey's help to put this onto his Ideas Pool, I thought I'd
run it by the list and see what your feed back was.

Every year the Queen Alexandra College for the Blind in Birmingham runs an
exhibition called Sight Village, which is the "leading" technology showcase
for the bisually impaired and associated support groups throughout Europe -
these groups being both Government bodies and local / national /
international charities.

What I was thinking of doing was running a stand there for the three days -
starting Tues 15/07/08 I think - demonstrating Ubuntu together with it's
Assistive Technologies in use.

However, having now sat down and actually worked out what's going to be
involved, it has got rather scary.

Putting cost aside for the stand for the moment, I need to:

* get a loan of at least one laptop / desktop for the duration
* a supply of the then current distributions
* an installation guide to Ubuntu with Assistive Technologies activated, in
printed, braille and audio formats
* find a copious supply of hot beverages
* increase my knowledge of Ubuntu from the surface scratchings I have to a
damn good gouge.

Now, there's plenty of time until July, and exhibitors registration doesn't
need to be completed until 31/01/08, but I'll be honest and say it seems
rather daunting.

I've got ideas how to deal with most of the above points, but wondered if
this'd be a good project for the Loco team?

Thoughts and comments gratefully received.


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