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Daniel Lamb daniel.lamb at dlcomputing.co.uk
Thu Oct 4 00:00:26 BST 2007

Why not ask around family and friends?

Surely someone will have an old laptop or even old pc which is less power

To be honest I wouldn’t be over bothered about the energy (I say that as
someone who provides IT support to an energy company) as there is plenty and
its not a lot of money, and what you could do is run that then wait a bit to
buy a cheap laptop or less power hungry pc as one will come up. 

Obviously the green people won't like this so I'm sorry.


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Mark Harrison wrote:
> I have a number of mates who install "home automation" stuff (web 
> control of lights, multi-room audio and so on.)
> Quite a few of them have moved to laptops for the "home control servers" 
> because of their ability to handle short power outages gracefully!
> For my home servers, I use some Via ITX stuff from www.linitx.com
> M.

Ok lads and ladies, I've been giving this some thought now. I can't 
afford a new server machine, and probably shouldn't be running this 
monster 24/7. Digging around, in my price range is a Linksys NSLU2 
(about £60..) which can be reflashed with Debian.

I reckon that this would be enough (with a SATA to USB case for one of 
the drives) to do what I need the server to do....... would this be a 
better solution?

I had a look on ebay at laptops but most of them seem to be a con and 
not have HDD's/Power Supplies, both of which are relativley expensive.

I'm open to any idea's on better solutions too!

-Matt Daubney

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