[ubuntu-uk] Preparing my Server for Gutsy - help

Daniel Lamb daniel.lamb at dlcomputing.co.uk
Wed Oct 3 09:55:28 BST 2007

Why not dd it to another drive so you can always put that in if things go
wrong, you will only need the programs part as an upgrade will not affect
your data which I would assume is in sda1: /var/lib/backuppc -- 500GB?

Once you have done a dd then simply type in apt-get dist-upgrade to do the

To test it, you can use the dd image and then use a virtual machine to boot
the dd image and upgrade it there to test, there are guide online on how to
use dd and also how to use a dd image on a virtual machine.


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I posted this on the Ubuntu forums, but no replies. I wonder if you
guys have any ideas?


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Hi there,

I want to upgrade to Gutsy when it is released on my Ubuntu Feisty
headless server. What I'd like to do is to take an image of my server
and put it on my Feisty laptop and run the upgrade there as a test to
see what breaks. Or maybe have a cloned image on the server (my
preferred choice) and run the upgrade on an isolated partition.

 What's the best way to go about backing up my Ubuntu server and
testing the upgrade before doing it for real? I don't want to do it

 Server is currently partitioned as

 /  -- 30GB
 /home -- 45GB

 /var/lib/backuppc -- 500GB

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