[ubuntu-uk] Home Servers

Michael Wood admin at x3n.me.uk
Tue Oct 2 20:00:16 BST 2007

John McCourt wrote:
> Hi, the servers section on http://ubuntuforums.com is
> pretty good for those sort of questions. I also run a
> file/webserver off virgin and it works pretty well.
> Ubuntu has a built in firewall but if you want to make
> any configurations to it then firestarter is a good
> gui for your firewall. I use postfix for outgoing mail
> because it's very easy to set up and have my domains
> point to my ip. I buy my UK domains from
> http://123-reg.co.uk and my .com domains from
> http://nameroute.com and use http://zoneedit.com as my
> dns provider. I think it's important to restrict
> access to certain folders on your server. For example
> you dont want random people being able to go to
> http://www.yourname.com/phpmyadmin. For my ftp server
> I use gprofftpd which is a version of proftpd that has
> a  nice gui. You'll never have a fully secure system
> but if you use the advice given by people here and on
> the forums then you should be fine.
> --- Matthew Daubney <daubers at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hey all,
>> I've had a machine running as an ad-hoc web/file
>> servery thing across my 
>> home internet connection (shared 20Mb Virgin Media
>> stuffs (MB? I always 
>> get the upper/lower case B's confused)) and have
>> considered turning the 
>> machine solely over to this after getting my nice
>> shiny new dell laptop.
>> If I turned it to this permanantly (as I hope to!)
>> I'd obviously need a 
>> bit more info on setting it up re:security and
>> suggested programs (I'd 
>> end up largley running Apache/PHP/mod_mono as I'm
>> considering going into 
>> web design and it'd be good practice to get used to
>> as many languages as 
>> possible).
>> I'd also be considering using it as a mailserver,
>> but have never set one 
>> of these up, ever. So any advice on mail packages
>> and the like would 
>> also be much appreciated!!
>> The box itself is a 4GHz Hyperthreaded P4 with 1.5gb
>> of RAM and 2*250gb 
Just something to consider;

If you can find a lower spec PC, (1 Ghz era is plenty) it would be 
better; your specs are very high for the occasional bit of traffic. That 
kind of PC will idle around 180 watts, running that 24/7 will add £32.25 
[1] a year to your electricity bill.

[1] http://www.ukpower.co.uk/running-costs-elec.asp

- Michael

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