[ubuntu-uk] Voting Processes and Democracy

Peter Lewis prlewis at letterboxes.org
Tue Oct 2 11:46:06 BST 2007

On Tuesday 02 October 2007 11:39, Chris Rowson wrote:
> > I am AMAZED at how much MORE traffic something relatively simple, like
> > electing a well-respected, experienced Ubuntu Advocate to be PoC has
> > generated... relative to stuff like, say, the launch coming up in 2
> > weeks time.
> >
> >
> > M.
> I wholeheartedly agreee - I think it's fairly evident that on the
> whole people are happy with the choice of PoC and it's now time to
> move on.

Fine by me. It seems that the voting mix-up I mentioned in my previous email 
doesn't really worry anyone (I voted, and am also happy with the result), so 
yes, let's move on.


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