[ubuntu-uk] It's the simple things that baffle me...

David Restall - System Administrator dave at restall.net
Tue Oct 2 10:33:13 BST 2007


every now and then I get an email and I want to reply.  I save the
message and edit it using vim.  The text, instead of having spaces
in it has =20 (equal sign two zero in case that gets interpreted), this
equals escape sequence isn't always followed by 20, it can have other
characters or just be at the end of a line for example.  I can get round
the problem with a bit of a kludge, using nail and vi but I'd like to
not have to go through this extra step.  Does anybody know if there is
a simple way to replace these encodings with their proper encodings ?
I've tried googling but that's not helpful.  BTW, most of the emails
seem to come from corporate Exchange servers and the mail headers don't
seem to indicate what the encoding is.

It's irritating me like something not right that I can't seem to find
a solution to this.

Yes I know I should be using the latest and greatest whizz bang gui email
client but I have been using mail, mailx and now nail & vi for so long
now that I'm a dinosaur :-)


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