[ubuntu-uk] Printing in Ubuntu

Daniel Lamb daniel.lamb at dlcomputing.co.uk
Tue Oct 2 09:22:42 BST 2007

I would suggest and wait for a little bit as Gutsy does have better printing
support, the other thing you could do is try the beta now as a live cd and
check if the printer works.


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Hi all,

I'm running Feisty, and my printer isn't supported - it's a Canon
IP3000, and they have no intention of releasing a Linux driver. I've
been using the TurboPrint driver since May with no problems. 

Now it won't print - I've got a bug listed on Launchpad (#138473), and
the status is incomplete; it seems to be a problem with

So at the moment I'm copying articles to my pen drive and printing in
Windows - not a major problem, but with me and three students using it,
I can see it becoming a real pain.

So would I be better in the long run switching to a "supported" printer,
such as an HP - would I be less likely to get problems? I really like my
Canon, but switching OS just to print isn't my idea of fun!

I did see a Gutsy screenshot which showed the Canon IP3000 as default,
so maybe support will be better in a couple of weeks time :) but I can't
remember where that screenshot was :(



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