[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu Tag Lines?

Daniel Lamb daniel.lamb at dlcomputing.co.uk
Tue Oct 2 08:22:15 BST 2007

"The simplest Operating System"

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Hello list

I'm working on some web based adverts to do a little Ubuntu advocacy.
Now I know you 'orrible lot are a talented bunch [FYI - that was some
flattery] so I thought I'd ask for your ideas and opinions.

Basically there's an image based link along with a text based link.
The images are already sorted but the text based links need a little
creative thinking. The format goes like this:

Ubuntu Linux, <--insert tag line with 10 words or less-->

The tag line needs to sell Ubuntu as best as it can. Serious and
comical suggestions welcome :-)

Any help is greatly appreciated.



P.S. No points for suggesting "Linux for Human Beings!" :D

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