[ubuntu-uk] Citizens rejoice! Your Lord and Master stands on high, playing track 3.

David M lists2007 at trancepod.34sp.com
Mon Oct 1 22:20:34 BST 2007

Dave Walker wrote in gmane.linux.ubuntu.user.british 
 about: Re: Citizens rejoice! Your Lord and Master stands on	high, playing	track 3. 

> I opened the 'Poll', and the process to do so is not well documented.
> The second poll, I am
> not entirely sure went wrong with the timing; but as Launchpad only
> stated the date it would end, and not the hours until quite late on it
> wasn't noticed initially.  Once i realised I immediately tried to
> rectify this error; As it required manual database access - I tried to
> contact all Launchpad 'devs', and there were not any available with
> suitable access privilege to make the change.

Thanks for the explanation, Dave.
Thanks also to Alan for his similar reply.

It seems that the situation was really just an old-fashioned 'cock-up'
rather than a 'conspiracy' and perhaps I should not have been so quick
to express concern.

I apologise to Alan if I have impugned him in my comments, but I am sure
you can understand why I thought it looked like a bit of a fast one was
being pulled.

> I was the 'runner-up', and I do not object to the outcome.  If a
> significant proportion of the community feel that it should be re-staged
> then I will not object - but I do feel it is unnecessary.

I must admit that you are being very gracious in defeat :)

OK, given that it was just a sequence of teething troubles and mistakes,
and that the runner-up is willing to accept the result (I should point out
that from your Ubuntu 'CVs' either of Alan or Dave would be good
candidates), if there is no strong feeling for a re-run of the election
then I'm happy to let it rest.

Obviously, anybody who did intend to vote, and was unable to, should
speak out if they still have concerns.

> I agree that there has been numerous problems with the electoral
> process.  However, this is our first formal election and I think
> 'teething' should be expected.  I think our community has learnt from
> this; and the next vote should be somewhat more professional.  I will
> blog/wiki the process, and hopefully other teams can learn from our
> mistakes.

That sounds like an excellent idea. 

If I can assist with future votes, etc, I am happy to volunteer to help out.

> In reference to Alan's announcement, he did consult with me regarding
> the content of the posting.  I suggested the "Subject:", and he used it.
> I cannot speak for the other candidates, but I know Alan didn't wish the
> context to be conveyed as 'gloating', just humorous.

OK, my apologies. It just came over the wrong way given what looked liked 
slightly dubious circumstances. (I didn't recognise it as a Doctor Who 
quote and just thought it was a bit too megalomaniac, even if intended
humorously, in the circumstances.)

..anyway, the current incarnation of the Master was a bit crap, anyhow ;-(


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