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Daniel Lamb daniel.lamb at dlcomputing.co.uk
Mon Oct 1 22:53:29 BST 2007

Wait for the newest version of ubuntu server which will install all those features, for admin id use webmin. My advice for security would be make sure you setup a firewall and also make sure you have all the permissions on files shared on the web server set to the usual.
Regards, daniel

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Hey all,

I've had a machine running as an ad-hoc web/file servery thing across my 
home internet connection (shared 20Mb Virgin Media stuffs (MB? I always 
get the upper/lower case B's confused)) and have considered turning the 
machine solely over to this after getting my nice shiny new dell laptop.

If I turned it to this permanantly (as I hope to!) I'd obviously need a 
bit more info on setting it up re:security and suggested programs (I'd 
end up largley running Apache/PHP/mod_mono as I'm considering going into 
web design and it'd be good practice to get used to as many languages as 

I'd also be considering using it as a mailserver, but have never set one 
of these up, ever. So any advice on mail packages and the like would 
also be much appreciated!!

The box itself is a 4GHz Hyperthreaded P4 with 1.5gb of RAM and 2*250gb 
hdd's (it also currently has 2 flatscreens, but it won't need them once 
it's been serverised!)

Thanks very much (as usual) for any info!

-Matt Daubney

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